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This year the topic is Time.

Note 24 September in your calendar and watch the programme on our website or social media.

  • You can look forward to a busy evening schedule with Pavel Cejnar as a host
  • You will meet the scientists who will introduce you to the laws of science and technology
  • You can join the visitors' competion and win special Researcher's night prices

Reseachers' Night 2021 programme

24 September 2021

16:00 - 22:00

The entire program takes place in the premises of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering where you can meet all our faculties:

  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
    • Blue clock
    • Manganese chameleon
    • Experiments in time and about time - decomposition of materials, oscillating reactions and more
    • Physics and time - what will land first? What will swing faster? Who will be faster?
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
    • Binary clock
    • Remote light controf of the Faculty building
    • Race timer with optical gate
    • Small Tesla transfomer playing music using electrical discharge
    • Game of lights
  • Faculty of Transport Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
    • From candle to astronomical clock - history of measuring time
    • Time paradoxes
  • Faculty of Restoration
    • Ravages of time
    • Back in time - blind stamping
  • Faculty of Health Studies
    • Pregnancy in time - developmental stages of pregnancy, maternity vest and health examination models
    • Does it beat regularly? Listening to the heart
    • Activities for kids
  • Faculty of Economics and Administration
    • Podcast Time is money
    • Changes in landscape in time - drone shots

Further activities

  • Railway transport classroom - book a tour
  • Traffic dispatching office - book a tour
  • Cinema
  • Stop the time - hyaluronic acid enriched cosmetics
    • Do you want to stop the time? Stopy by at the stand where we will enrich your favorite cream or shampoo with hyaluronic acid. Bring your own cream as there will be only be a limited amount available at the stand.
  • Megabubbles
  • Outdoor chess
  • Creative and rest area
  • EUROcorner - Europe Direct Pardubice, Eurocentre Pardubice
  • University merch shop
  • Competition for special UPCE Researchers' Night prices

Entrance is free of charge. You can use special Researchers' Night busline to come to the Campus and back - see the bus timetable

The whole program is designed to be accessible to all. Assistance and support for persons with disabilities will be provided by the ALMA Center.

Due to the epidemiological measures of the Government of the Czech Republic, we ask visitors to comply with the current Covid-19 measures.

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