Researchers’ Night, an event that, for one evening, brings life to hundreds of science buildings that no ordinary mortal can enter. Visitors pass through laboratories and lecture halls, experience exploding experiments, and learn about hot topics in depth. Everyone with a passion for science – children, adults, and seniors – is welcome. Meet our scientists and they will teach you to love science.

What topics did we captivate you with
in previous years?

Humans and robots

Karel Čapek, robotization and social aspects of the robot world. Now we know that you don't have to be afraid of a robot, because it can be a great helper and our partner. Nevertheless, caution is warranted. And because it was the first online year, we hid the program for you in the online archive.


Going Gentle on the Planet

Nature deserves care, tenderness and love. And lots of scientific attention! Planet Earth is not just a geological object. It is a place for life and opportunities, but also folly.


100 Years of Czech Science

Not only the history of Czech science, but also the very latest scientific trends on home ground. We have proved that Czech scientists are categorically among the best in the world.



Population movements, planetary movements, the most subtle movements hidden in DNA – these are all ways of understanding mobility. You mustn’t forget that the world is in motion and us with it.



Not every hero flies through the air or shoots from a gun. Some of them see to our safety from their labs or from behind their monitors. We looked at danger and safety in all their forms.


Light and Darkness

Contrasts accompany our lives like light and darkness. A shining sun alone in the cosmic darkness, lamps illuminating dark cities, and love as hope and disappointment in our lives.