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UCT Prague is also participating in the European Researchers Night this year, when on 30 September 2022 from 5:00 p.m. the doors of scientific workplaces, universities, museums and other participating institutions will be opened and visitors will be allowed to see research presentations on the subject of All the Senses.

In addition to individual stations with demonstrations of chemical experiments, creative workshops for the little ones, workshops and competitions, the program will also be enlivened by dogs with sharp noses. UCT Prague has, among other things, prepared for you this year, among other things, three tours through the labyrinth of the school with a look into interesting spaces with explanations and demonstrations that even non-chemists can understand. And since only a limited group of participants can meet at one station or sightseeing circuit, please register for the selected activities in advance at the appropriate time. On the website of the nationwide event Night of Scientists in the VŠCHT Prague section, you can find all information about registration, online infographics and other examples, materials for the cut-out competition as well as face-to-face activities, workshops and sightseeing tours.

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