Interactive 3D Tour of the Faculty of Social Studies

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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Studies

Take a walk through our Atrium and learn how social studies and technology are interconnected.

  • How does the Pepper robot help active ageing?
  • How does new communication technologies connect social workers with their clients? How is the digitization of HR (Human Resources) going? And should we be afraid that robots will take our jobs?
  • Robotization of war - where is this trend heading and how is it reflected in international agreements?
  • What does data mining mean? Do you know how your personal data is handled and who has access to everything?
  • Want to see how mining robotics are changing international relations? How does the EU approach the development of artificial intelligence?
  • How do you usually measure your height? Do you want to try it using a questionnaire?
  • Does the way we treat nature affect the increase in new pandemics? Do pictures of melting glaciers affect how Czechs perceive drought?

These and many other questions will be answered by the Researchers' Night at FSS. Feel free to explore all the nooks and crannies of our online tour.


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