Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i. (ÚACH) is participating in the Night of Scientists for the first time. To introduce ourselves to you, we have prepared a series of short lectures, which will allow you to look into our laboratories, where new compounds and materials for various uses are being created, or paintings and sediment archives are being examined with unique procedures.

One of the basic parts of our institute - the Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (now the Synthesis Department) was founded in 1961 in Řež. The first scientific task of the laboratory was the synthesis of rocket fuels based on hydrides of light elements. The idea of ​​using hydrides for rocket engines was not successful, but it led to the development of a new industry - borane chemistry. Since the 1960s, original procedures leading to new types of compounds have been found in this laboratory, methods for their identification have been developed and possibilities for the practical use of boron cluster compounds have been sought. As this laboratory celebrates 60 years this year, part of the program is dedicated to the chemistry of boron and boranes.

For those who want to experience for themselves what it was like here in the 1960s, an escape game "Top Secret Research" is prepared. Creative workshops are prepared for children. The explosive culmination of the entire program will be a science show by Michael Londesborough.

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