Prague University of Economics and Business

Do you want to experience for yourself how we do science at the Prague University of Economics and Business? We may not wear white lab coats, but science is in our blood too. As part of the Researchers' Night 2023, we welcome you again this year at our Žižkov campus in the center of Prague. You will see how we conduct studies, testing and research. There won't be a dull moment here at VŠE. 

This year, we have prepared a game with attractive prizes called "The Secret of the Financial Illiteracy Contagion", in which you will find out if the epidemic has accidentally affected you. You will discover the symptoms of the mysterious contagion and their possible treatment. You'll look at global threats and the mysteries of inflation, learn how much to trust your electronic identity, what the online world knows about you, and take away a practical method for taking care of your body, emotions and mind. 

Our regular guest - the Czech National Bank - will be there.

Remember, the mysterious contagion does not choose, so come and test your immunity!

We look forward to seeing you!


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