Cryo-EM microscopy as a tool for studying the structure of molecules 

24. 9. 17:00-20:30
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Understanding and eventually curing an infectious disease requires an understanding about the specific contacts between host and pathogen. The key to this understanding is precise knowledge about the molecules that are the heart of this interaction. Cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has emerged as the most powerful technique to study the structure of such molecules which are typically proteins and their complexes at near-atomic resolution. In the Zoll lab we are isolating these molecular assemblies from genetically modified micro-organisms and prepare them for imaging. This round tour will give visitors the chance to get an overview of the various stages of sample preparation undertaken in the lab, the extensive computational calculations required for image analysis, and finally the interpretation of the 3-dimensional models of the molecules of interest. The excursion will take place in English with a simultaneous translation to the Czech language.

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